Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Best Online Brokers of 2014

Rising stocks are everywhere: They’re on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, and, increasingly, your phone.

Small investors can rightly complain about lots of things, but they can’t gripe that the historic 173% five-year gain of the Standard & Poor’s 500 was out of their reach. It has literally been at everyone’s fingertips. Online brokerages estimate that, on average, 15%-20% of retail trading now takes place on mobile devices, most of them Apple products that aren’t much older than the bull market. The thinking among brokerage executives is that investors use their smartphones to track the market and place trades during the business day, but once the sun sets, the tablets come out. Tablets give users more real estate on which to manage their portfolios, learn about the markets via streaming video, conduct research, and think up tomorrow’s trades.

"It’s clear that the devices we use, and the ways that we use them, are fundamentally changing, and that provides investors with room for growth, limited only by the creativity of the tools we provide,” says Ram Subramaniam, president of Fidelity Investments’ retail brokerage business.

IN RESEARCHING Barron’s 19th annual ranking of the best online brokers it was clear to us that personalizing each client’s trading and investing experience, regardless of time or location, was becoming a reality. It’s more than just hardware. Our top brokers let you customize everything from your trade ticket to your portfolio analysis reports, speeding you through placing orders while helping you—understand your gains and losses.

The entire article, and supporting tables, can be found here:  The Best Online Brokers of 2014

Published in Barron’s, March 17, 2014. 

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