Thursday, October 09, 2008

Success at the Huntsman Senior Games

I thought I would pass on to my InvestorBrainiacs a press release just issued by the Huntsman Senior Games. 

For Immediate Release - Theresa Carey Wins Silver and 2 Bronze Medals at The Huntsman World Senior Games

In sports, often times extra effort pays off in dividends.  That was true for Theresa Carey from Palo Alto, who took home a SILVER Medal and two Bronze Medals in the Track & Field competition at the Huntsman World Senior Games on October 8th, 2008.

When asked about Theresa’s experience, she said “I am so inspired by the athletes in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s who stay healthy so they can continue to compete.  Seeing them excel gives me something to look forward to and a great reason to stay in shape.” Theresa is a columnist for Barron’s, the Dow Jones weekly.  Also, Theresa coaches the Stanford Men’s Volleyball Club.

The Huntsman World Senior Games is a world-class, Olympic-format, international sporting event for athletes ages 50 years and older.  Founded more than 20 years ago, the Games currently hosts over 9,500 athletes annually.  Each October, for two weeks, the event is held in colorful St. George, Utah, less than a two-hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada.  At the 2008 Games, athletes will compete in 25 different sports. 

“One of the things that makes this event so unique is that it is more than just a collection of sporting events,” says Kyle Case, Huntsman World Senior Games CEO.  “The Games is a total experience, so much more than just another sports competition.”

Case says the participants enjoy the Parade of Athletes, Opening Ceremonies, Concert and Celebration, Social Events, Banquets and Free Health Screenings, to name only a few of the additional activities that enhance the athletic experience.  The Huntsman World Senior Games is truly a celebration of life after 50!

The 2008 Huntsman World Senior Games will host approximately 9,700 participants from all 50 of the United States and 20 foreign countries.  The majority of the participants are male – about 66% - and the average age is around 64 years “young.” While almost all of the athletes’ first trip to the Games was prompted by the athletic competition, by their third year, many of the participants list social aspects such as “meeting new friends” and “renewing acquaintances” as their primary reason for attending the Games.

“We’d like to invite athletes of all skill levels, from the elite to the novice, to experience this amazing event,” says Case.  “Once you experience the Games, we know you’ll have a great time and we’ll be seeing you for years to come.”

For additional information on the Games, call 1 (800) 562-1268 or visit the web site at

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