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I often get asked about sites that promote financial literacy for kids.  I’d love to see high schools do more to educate students about real-life financial issues, such as balancing checkbooks and avoiding credit card ripoffs. 

Here are some sites for kids who want to learn more about the U.S. economy and other financial issues:

The Federal Reserve launched a site on March 27 aimed at kids aged 11-14.  It’s short and sweet, and capped with a 10-question quiz.  I got 10 out of 10, so I now feel like a very successful and knowledgeable 14-year old.  Here’s the site:  The Federal Reserve’s Kids Page.

The Institute of Consumer Financial Education has a section on Children and Money. This site offers money tips for young Americans, financial information and education resources, a credit education course for high school seniors and college students, education and information on the dangers of debt accumulation while young, savings and investment information, first-time credit information and financial planning education.  It seems to have a fair chunk of content aimed at parents and grandparents, including a section entitled, “Are Your Children Getting Hooked on Credit?” Check it out here:  Children and Money.

The Young Americans Center for Financial Education includes a Financial Tips page that gives kids the lowdown on being money-wise, avoiding debt, and responsible use of your debit/ATM card.  The group offers 7 week-long sessions this summer, aimed at kids from 2nd grade through middle school, which will take place in Denver and Lakewood, CO.  Check out the page that offers Financial Tips and then browse some of the other features, such as the Young Americans Bank. 

Moneyopolis is an online game in which you help Xerbie, an alien with money problems who got stuck on Earth, figure out how to get back into space.  You travel from Home Sweet Home to the Workplace, then to the Bank, playing whimsical lessons along the way.  It’s set up for classroom use as well.  Check out Moneyopolis

That’s it for now—I will continue to add to this topic as I find more sites worth your while. 

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