Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy 89th Birthday, 19th Amendment!

I strolled a few blocks to the polls yesterday, and cast my ballot in several uncontested primary races, and some ballot initiatives.  That is a right I do not take for granted, even in this year when a female candidate credibly ran for President.

Today is the 89th anniversary of Congress’ approval of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote.  The amendment was sent to the states to ratify; that process was completed in August 1920. 

I probably shouldn’t put Clinton’s presidential campaign in the past tense, but it looks like it’s over.  Jezebel staffer Megan Carpentier managed to put something into words that I’ve struggled to say out loud during the primaries: 

“What’s sort of been ignored is one of the reasons everyone basically agrees that her candidacy was ultimately unsuccessful: she ran for months wearing the mantle of the experienced Washington insider (aka, the establishment) candidate. Please read that one more time, just on it’s own. She ran as the establishment candidate. But think about what that means for a second, and what it means that the only female candidate in either party portrayed herself, and was portrayed as, too important, too established in the last, biggest bastion of male-ness — our representative government. Savor that for a second, actually.”

(Entire blog post is here on Jezebel:

Carpentier goes on to say how amazing it is that the establishment candidate is female this year—and what a milestone that has been. 

Get on out there and vote when you get the chance!

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