Tuesday, June 27, 2006

If Nominated, I Will Not Run ...

When I returned from my workout this morning, I picked up a voice mail from a Kristine Watson who informed me that I had won a National Leadership Award, bestowed by Republican Congressmember Tom Reynolds.  Imagine my overflowing joy.

A quick look at my favorite search engine (for the record, Vivisimo) showed me that this alleged award is a fund-raising scam.  This is a fundraising technique of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in which the target (in this case, me) is lured with an award and an appointment as honorary co-chair of some kind of advisory council.  According to blogs published by others who have received similar calls, the recipient pays $300-500 to support their publicity efforts on the award-winner’s behalf.

As noted on Thuktun Flishithy (a blog with a fascinating name), “Oddly, they don’t seem to be targetting only Republicans. Many of the reports of this are from Democrats and others who aren’t likely to share the political views of Rep. deLay and the NRCC. In some of these reports, it’s clear that this Leadership Award is being offered without much knowledge at all of the intended recipient.”

Other blogs mention that the “award” was offered to the medical faculty at Vanderbilt, a restaurant owner in Tribeca, and quite a few others.  The usual script is that the awardee calls the congresscritter’s office back, at which point a staffer plays a recording of said congressional rep saying something like, “Thank you for taking time to call. The United States Congress needs to hear from small business people like you, to hear just what it’s like out there, and to hear how much a tax-break would help you. Your voice is important to congress, and we want you to help us shape policy that will help small businessmen like you in communities like yours. Thank you. Please hold on and someone will be right back with you.”

My favorite write-up of the dozen or so I looked at has to be Ronald Silver’s, which you can read here.

Argh.  Thanks to others who have so considerately documented their experience with this alleged National Leadership Award, I think I’ll pass. 

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