Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Greetings, Apex Live Attendees

This morning, I gave the welcoming keynote talk at the TD Ameritrade Apex Live event held in San Francisco, California.  For those attendees who wanted some of the links I mentioned, I’ve prepared this entry. 

Regarding closed-end funds, please read my entry from July 18, 2005, entitled “Closing In on Closed-Ends.” I abbreviated the content of that column considerably, and all the links I mentioned in the talk are included, plus several others. 

I’ve reviewed quite a few currency trading sites in the last year.  Here are a few columns that include those reviews.  Click on the title to read the story. 

Currencies, Anyone? (April 24, 2006)
Not-So-Foreign Exchange (January 9, 2006)
Day-Trading Currencies, 24/7 (August 1, 2005)

Regarding exchange-traded funds as a way to provide international diversification, check out these columns:

Online Hand-Holding (October 10, 2005) (Includes a discussion of Ameritrade’s Amerivest product)
Over There, Online (June 20, 2005)

It was exciting for me to see so many people who are interested in becoming better-educated investors.  This site will be developing over the next few months—be sure to come back and visit. 

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